The information on this website is directed at those members who are opting out of the plan. More detailed information for those planning to use the service (how to make claims, etc) can be found at or via your online health and dental plan portal (which you are able to access once you are fully enrolled in the plan).

For more information about the health and dental plan coverage and opt out eligibility, please contact the Students’ Union by emailing


Below are some frequently asked questions and associated answers. Please review these before contacting the Students’ Union with questions.

Where can I find my plan information to complete the online opt out?

Sometimes when your existing coverage is provided through a parent, you don’t always have the plan information directly. You can access the necessary information on a claim card, which is provided to every plan member, or by logging into your online claims website. You can also call you carrier and ask for the necessary information. Insurance providers can provide you proof of coverage letters that include the necessary details and validate that you have existing coverage.

Can I add my dependents to my plan?

Yes. You are able to add a single dependent (spouse, common law partner or one child) for an additional payment of $275, or you can add your whole family for an additional payment of $480. The process of adding a dependent occurs after you have been enrolled in the plan yourself as the principle, and receive a link to your online health and dental plan portal. Through that portal, you can access the option to add dependents by filing in the necessary information and by paying the fee online. An access link to this portal will be emailed once you are enrolled in the plan.

The deadline to add dependents is the last day of the month in which you were enrolled (for example, if you received notice of enrolment in October, you would need to add your dependents by October 31).

How can I tell if I’m included in the Students’ Union plan?

The Students’ Union plan is applied to all full-time students including those academic students taking 9 or more credit courses in a semester, and students in vocations programs of longer than 14 weeks. To check if you are covered, consult you Selkirk College online student account and look for a charge labelled Health & Dental Plan.

Do students covered with First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) need to opt out of the Students’ Union plan?

Students covered with FNHA are eligible to opt out of the Students’ Union plan though there are some areas the Students’ Union plan provides more coverage. Students may choose to enjoy coverage with both plans. Students with sponsored education may not be provided financial support for the costs of the Students’ Union health and dental plan, be sure to connect with the sponsor. The primary difference in coverage is access to paramedical services, such as chiropractor, physiotherapy, acupuncture and more. Review the full coverage provided with the Students’ Union plan before choosing to opt out.